17 Stunning Floating Eyeliner Looks

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If "Euphoria" has taught us anything (you know, aside from the importance of steady friend groups and the perils of drug use), it's that unconventional eye makeup application is a must in 2022. And as much as we love the show's lead makeup artist, Donni Davy's use of vivid eyeshadows and artfully-placed gems, today we're here to hone in on "floating eyeliner." Also known as double-winged eyeliner, floating eyeliner utilizes negative space to exaggerate the overall eye makeup look. Since it's still a relatively bold makeup look, we figured it'd be helpful to show you all the ways it can be worn. Whether you're hoping for a grown-up black liner look or craving a colorful masterpiece on your lids, ahead, you'll find 17 floating eyeliner ideas, along with products to bring them to life.

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Gemstone Floating Eyeliner

Davy will be the first to show you that you can create floating eyeliner with more than just eyeliner. Here, she used tiny gemstones in place of eyeliner along the top arc of the floating design. The result? A glamorously exaggerated wing that we can't take our eyes off of.

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Beautiful in Blue

There's only one word to describe this teal-blue floating eyeliner look: stunning. To rock the look yourself, coat your lids in a vibrant bluish-teal eyeshadow and top it off with two curved lines of liquid white eyeliner. Simple as that!

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Sharp Black Floating Eyeliner

For a fierce update to your classic black wingtip, take Davy's lead and cut it inward the way she did here on Barbie Ferreira (AKA Kat). Since this floating eyeliner look is particularly sharp, you'll want to use an ultra-fine tipped liquid eyeliner, and keep an angled brush and micellar water on hand for easy touch-ups.

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Double Floating Eyeliner

Another way to wear floating eyeliner is to create floating space between two wings, as opposed to between one angled line that extends toward your crease. Here, Davy mastered the look with an extra-long, particularly horizontal (as opposed to flicked upward) wing on Alexa Demie (AKA Maddy). This is another example where having micellar water on hand to easily touch up the edges will be incredibly handy.

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Thin Black Floating Eyeliner

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta might be best known for creating seemingly-filtered complexions, beautifully blushed cheeks, and perfectly-lined red pouts, but he has a way with floating eyeliner, too. Case in point: This double-lined floating number on Dixie D'Amelio. If you look closely, you'll even see tiny silver studs. The trick to getting gems to stay put all night long? Use lash glue!

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Electric Teal Floating Eyeliner

Leave it to Lizzo to show us how the floating eyeliner trend is done! Here, celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo accented a double-flicked wing with a thick, metallic teal accent that, quite frankly, we can't take our eyes off of. If you ask us, this is the perfect floating eyeliner look for a concert, party, or just solely to have fun with your makeup.

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Inverted Neon Floating Eyeliner

Not all floating eyeliner has to be in the form of a wing. Here, Ta shows how extending liner from the inner corners can add intrigue to an otherwise simple makeup look. And we have to admit, we like the looks of it.

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Blurred Cobalt Floating Eyeliner

Another tip to keep in mind when creating a floating eyeliner look? Your lines don't have to be ultra-sharp. Here, Ta shows how a slightly diffused cobalt blue line can make quite the eye-catching impact.

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'60s-Inspired Floating Eyeliner

Love the idea of Alexa Demie's floating eyeliner but want it to pop a bit more? Consider the technique makeup artist Raoúl Alejandre used on Zendaya here. By sandwiching white liner between the two black lines, he was able to instantly brighten her #MOTD. The false lashes only add to the overall appeal of the retro eye makeup look.

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Seeing Triple Floating Eyeliner

If your goal is to create a floating eyeliner look that won't soon be forgotten, this triple-winged look is sure to make a statement. To recreate it, apply your new single wing like usual, then lightly line just below your lower lash line and extend it out horizontally beneath the original wing. Then, at your crease, trace another line, again focusing on horizontal angles and space between it and the original wing. One note: If you have hooded eyes, this look will likely get lost in the folds of your lid and may not be the best option.

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Pastel Purple Accents

Black and purple make for a notoriously villainous color combo and we must say, this sharp floating eyeliner look by celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo is nothing short of fierce. To recreate the look, apply your black liquid liner along the upper lash line, extending the wing outward, and then along the lower inner lash line, extending the wing inward. Fill in the negative space with pastel purple eyeshadow et voilá!

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Abstract Floating Liner

Whether you call this floating eyeliner idea lazy or abstract, it doesn't matter. The goal of any floating liner is to make an impact, and if you're here analyzing it, then it's done its job. The good news is that it only requires a straight line of white liner above each crease to turn heads.

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Diffused Floating Eyeliner

This floating eyeliner look is a bit more lived in, as it employs the color along the outer corners of the upper lash lines, and then again blended into the entire span of each crease. While earthy in appeal, this particular look is meant to be a bit menacing, as it was created for Melissa Barrera's Scream premiere appearance.

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A Wicked Work of Art

As if purple and black alone don't make for a fierce enough floating eyeliner look, here, celebrity makeup artist Nikki Wolff adds green and white to the mix for a final look that has us picturing Disney's Maleficent. Naturally, this wicked-good makeup look requires expert blending, precise lining, and exact touch-ups, so it's definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Solid Color

Loved the idea of Patrick Ta's vibrant orange floating eyeliner look on Aimee Song but want to extend the color across your entire lid? Here, you can see how it looks on Kirby Howell-Baptiste, courtesy of celebrity makeup artist Brandy Allen.

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Neon Floating Eyeliner

To create the ultimate festival-ready floating eyeliner masterpiece, take a page out of celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker's book. To recreate this look she did for Grace Gaustad, choose five neon eyeliners (or use a damp brush dipped in your favorite neon eyeshadow palette) and apply each color in short segments. Then, using a densely bristles brush, lightly diffuse them to create an ever-so-slightly blurred appearance to mimic the look of a neon sign.

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Minimalist Floating Eyeliner

If you like the idea of a minimalist floating eyeliner look, stick to your tried-and-true black wing tip and pair it with high-contrast lines above the crease and along the inner corner of the lower lash line, as celebrity makeup artist Rebekah Aladdin did on Justine Skye, here.

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