20 Ways to Wear Light, Wispy Bangs

Light Bangs

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Bangs can be an intimidating new style to try the first time around, but that doesn't have to be the case. Truth be told, bangs have a ton of versatility. The various lengths and shapes leave room for them to flatter all hair types and face shapes, and light, wispy bangs in particular are the perfect example of a one-size-fits-all bang.

Light, wispy bangs can be worn on thicker, textured hair to break up the hair's density around the face, or they can be worn on thinner hair to help effortlessly add shape to the overall haircut. Side bangs, blunt bangs, micro bangs, curtain bangs—they can all be cut to accommodate a lighter, wispier feel. We even tapped expert stylist Megan Giaimo of LA's La Vie Salon to get her input on what to consider as you approach what may be uncharted territory. "If you want something fun that'll incorporate new styles into your regular hair routine, wispy bangs can be a simple way to do just that," she says.

Below, 20 of our favorite ways celebrities are wearing the light, wispy bang trend.

Meet the Expert

Megan Giaimo is a hairstylist, educator, and owner of La Vie Salon in Los Angeles. She specializes in healthy hair transformations and color for blondes.

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Long, Piece-y Curls

Zazie Beetz


We love the way Zazie Beetz sports a light, wispy bang in her naturally curly texture, which may require an array of tools to achieve, according to Giaimo. "Regular shears can provide that baseline shape," she says, "but polishing the look off with a razor will help give that texture and movement to blend into the rest of the hair."

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Choppy Cascade

Selena Gomez


Wispy bangs are often cut with a feather razor on thicker hair to give it that airy, edgy look. Here, Selena Gomez wears her razor cut wisps at choppy lengths around the eye line, and isn't afraid to rock those chops in a cascading face frame against her longer strands.

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Soft as a Feather

Dakota Johnson


Dakota Johnson's finer hair isn't falling flat and lifeless thanks to these feathery soft bangs and face framing wisps. Keeping a straight edge cut above the brow line will help give the illusion of fullness.

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Bits n' Bobs

Rashida Jones


Light, wispy bangs are the best little bits to accompany your bob. Giaimo notes that this style can bring the hair a lot of volume around the face without a lot of daily effort required, especially on finer hair types.

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Short Side Bangs

Olivia Wilde


Bangs don't need to be light and wispy all over to fit the criteria. These side bangs are a perfect example of how to gradually work your way into a fuller bang from the more approachable wispy look.

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Face Framing Fringe

Kerry Washington


This face-framing fringe is seriously cool, and the light, wispy texture has everything to do with it. Plus, we love the way any updo can highlight the bangs as such a strong statement.

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Soft, Wispy Layers

Kirsten Dunst


Soft, wispy layers pair really well with soft, wispy bangs. This note is specifically directed to all our thin and straight haired friends. Adding layers with a feather razor can bring a lot of that desirable texture into the hair, and bring those bangs into a cohesively cool look.

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Lash Grazing Lengths

Priyanka Chopra


We love the way these lash grazing bangs tie in with Priyanka Chopra's longer layers. "While wispy bangs are fresh and stylish, they do require regular shaping maintenance and daily styling efforts," Giaimo notes. The obvious perk is that you look effortlessly edgy between trims.

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Sweeping Fringe

Suki Waterhouse


"Cowlicks are another factor to take into consideration," says Giaimo. "Depending on where the cowlick is, wispy bangs may not lay properly on their own." Unless it's directly near the front of the hairline, you should be good to go. Even a smaller off-center cowlick, with a little daily styling, can offer a piece-y, sweeping fringe.

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Textured Wisps



Sometimes a haircut says it all, like this layered mid-length look on Zendaya, which features wispy, textured bangs. Working with your texture to provide a shape it can fall into naturally can be the make or break deal behind sporting your curls.

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Brow Graze

Jessica Biel


A common length for light, wispy bangs is to let them graze right at the brow line, parting their way around with ease. The stark contrast against longer lengths make for a great statement bang.

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Wispy Curtain Bangs

Halle Berry


These curtain bangs are longer and wispier than the norm, but they're a great way to break things up, and can ease into soft, face framing layers effortlessly. "Any type of wispy bang," Giaimo says, "can dress up a simple ponytail or bun, creating a much softer look."

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Piece-y and Face Framing

Bella Hadid


These long, piece-y bits frame Bella Hadid's face shape effortlessly. Face shape is another important consideration for any type of bangs, says Giaimo. "Heart and oval face shapes are excellent candidates for wispy bangs, in my opinion."

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Center Parts



Even with a stubborn center parting that won't budge, wispy bangs are proven to look flattering. Rhianna complements her bang's lightweight movement with piece-y, textured waves all around.

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Coarser Cuts

Penelope Cruz


If you have a lot of hair that's coarser in density, ask your stylist to remove some of the weight from your bangs by cutting directly into them for that lighter, wispier look. This way, the bangs can get pushed around casually and you'll have assurance that they aren't sitting too bulky all over.

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Overdirected Side Bangs

Taraji P. Henson


If you have commitment phobia, don't worry, we totally get it. Instead of cutting length to get this look, try overdirecting a few longer strands beside your side bangs to give your 'do a wispier, fashion-forward look.

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Overgrown Curtain Bangs

Hailey Baldwin


If you have grown-out curtain bangs and are looking to try on something a little gutsier, ask your stylist to take a feather razor to your center pieces for an easy trim. This simple detailing will take you from curtain bangs to a wispy, feathered fringe—you'll be in and out of the salon in minutes flat with a very different look.

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Different Textures

Tyra Banks


Light, wispy bangs have a softer feel to them than many of the heavier fringe options out there. One of the perks to this lighter look is how seamlessly different textures work together.

If you want to wear your natural waves all over but want to smooth out your bangs, use a vented brush to push the hair from right to left at the roots while blow drying. Make sure to tell your stylist how you plan to wear your bangs from day-to-day so they can cut with your needs in mind and offer any specific styling tips that'll benefit your desired outcome.

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Extended Lifespan

Elizabeth Olsen


If your wispy bangs are overdue for a trim, give them a little boost of volume to keep them lifted up out of your eyes while still sporting that rock and roll vibe. Spritz some of Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray ($48) at the roots before blow drying, and use a small round brush or Mason Pearson to help morph them to your desired shape.

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Light Micro Bangs

Laura Harrier


Even micro lengths can have that airy quality that qualify them as lighter, wispier bangs. For thicker fringe, like Laura Harrier's (faux) bangs, ask your stylist to lighten things up at the center of your bangs. This allows you both to collaborate and work your way out until you find a level of wispiness that best suits you.

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